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Follow these tips for a safe and hassle free Winter


Now that the Summer is long gone, it’s time to start thinking about preparing your home and garden for the Winter. Whether it’s a quick spruce up or preparing for the new season, we have the tools and tips which will allow you to enjoy your garden and not have any nasty surprises once the Winter chill hits.

Follow this 4-step list and you will be fine.


Clear up.

Put away the deck chairs and furniture, make sure to have them covered with a water proof sheet, this will protect them from frost and damp. Bring small plant pots inside, and clear out the garden shed of anything that shouldn’t be there.

As you will be spending more time inside the home, give it a clean too. We have a range of powerful but gentle cleaning tools, such as carpet cleaners and steam cleaners.

Roof and Gutters.

If you have a dodgy roof it can cause some bigger problems down the line, such as leaks, draughts and damage to property. It is much easier now to sort out problems before the chill hits. We have a range of ladders and access equipment to help you with the task, remember to stay safe when working at heights.

Make sure your gutters are clear of blockages, they are responsible for draining large amounts of water from the roof and walls of your home or business, if you need to clear any blockages, we have a range of equipment to help you.

Garden Mess

Putting hedge cuttings into a compost bin is fine, but what about the big branches or bits of wood that you may have? We have a range of garden shredders, from electric to petrol, that can create wood shavings or wood that can become mulch for your flower beds or paths. Mulch is around 2” to 3” thick, keep it moist so the moisture levels in the soil stay healthy. This save the environment too, some garden waster can end up in landfill, which is not very efficient, it saves you money on compost too!

Water pipes

Are your outdoor water pipes protected from the cold? If not they could freeze and rupture! Visit your local depot for help and advice from our experts.

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