What is IPAF

If you know a builder, contractor or anyone that uses a cherrypicker and power access equipment, you may have heard them mention IPAF. But what is it?

What is IPAF?

IPAF stands for International Powered Access Federation.

When you go on a course delivered by an IPAF training centre you will be trained how to use powered access vehicles and safety around them . Part of the training is a theory test, and multiple choice written test.

After successful completion, a IPAF license card will be issued.

IPAF cards last 5 years , so it is important to keep it in date, as safety regulations can change, it is also important, as you might not be able to use a machine with an expired card.

Training is separated into various categories, depending on they type of machines you will be using:

  • IPAF Harness Training which teaches you how to use a harness effectively
  • Static Vertical (1a): Vertical personnel platforms (static)
  • Static Boom (1b, 1b+): Self-propelled booms (outriggers), trailers/push-arounds, vehicle-mounted platforms
  • Mobile Vertical (3a, 3a+): Scissor lifts, vertical personnel platforms (mobile)
  • Mobile Boom (3b, 3b+): Self-propelled booms
  • Push Around Vertical (PAV): Push around verticals
  • Special (SPECIAL): Specialist machines

We offer IPAF courses at our Belfast Depot every week. Contact us on 0289045 8080 to discuss!




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