3.27m - 3.73m Alloy Tower
from £87.00 / week Ex.VAT
Non-Mechanical Access Equipment

3.27m - 3.73m Alloy Tower

£87.00 / week Ex.VAT

The 3.27m and 3.73m alloy towers comprise the minimum possible multi-purpose components; no separate ladders or guardrails are necessary, making it a safe and reliable platform to work on. Alloy towers are available in single width which gives an exceptional versatile system ideal for working in narrow or confined spaces such as stairwells, corridors, alleyways etc. or double width which is perfect for working in normal applications. This item requires a van or car and trailer to transport.

Work Height 5.27m / 5.73m
Tower Height 4.52m / 4.98m
Platform Height 3.27m / 3.73m
Single Width 1.8m x 0.8m
Double Width 1.8m x 1.45m

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1 Day £29.00
2 Days £58.00
Weekly £87.00
Weekend £43.50
Freephone 0800-1-970-970
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