9 Easy ways Balloo Hire can help increase the value of your home or investment

Follow these quick and easy steps and see how Balloo Hire can help you sell or increase the value of your home.


9 Easy ways Balloo Hire can help  increase the value of your home or investment.

Its Easter and you are off work for a week, with Balloo Hire’s help you could add up to £20,000 to your home!

Balloo Hire Centres don’t just do diggers! Whether you want to add value for the long term investment or to prepare for a sale valuation, follow our tips and tricks below for the best ways to increase the value of your home.


Probably the most used room in any house, with a new or improved  kitchen you could add upwards of 10% to the value of your house. If you have a fancy marbled tiled floor from Italy, and the grout is dirty, why not use our steam cleaner to bring them back to their natural finish.  

The doors in the kitchen could be given a new lease of life by sanding them back to their natural wood. A good quality worktop and doors are what prospective buyers will be touching.  Cook some bread, or brew a fresh pot of coffee before a buyer arrives, yes it is a cliché, but the smell is welcoming and can put them at ease.


If your bathroom suite is something from the 00’s it may be best to get rid of it. A clean simple white suite is what everyone wants to see. It will also add value to your property as you’ve taken some of the hard renovation work away for the new buyer to do. Balloo Hire Centres have various tools to help make this an easy task, such as chipping hammers to remove tiles and an  industrial vacuum to clean up any mess.

3.The Garden  

With the warm weather picking up and usually lasting until September these days, you’ll want to have an area for the bbq, grass to chill on and of course planting areas to enjoy. But first tackle the undergrowth; make sure the hedge is trimmed, grass cut and all the leaves of the winter blown away, use a leaf blower for this, takes less time than using a brush and is great fun too! Get rid of the weeds and dead plants If you have a ton of garden to move about, we have that covered too, use one of our 1 ton dumpers to help.

Sunny decking or patio areas with good space for seating can increase your home value by as much as £5000. Summer showers can make the patio/decking slippy. Make sure to get rid of any grime with one of our power washers .

Privacy is also important, consider adding a large fence or large plants, don’t panic about how to get them home, It is quite easy to hire a trailer from any of Balloo Hire’s depots.

4.Fix big cosmetic problems

This can be a major factor when a survey is carried out, cosmetic problems can hide a multitude of sins, but be careful not to try and fool a prospective buyer which can land you in lots of legal trouble. Things to check are the roof and its tiles. Check your guttering- does it leak or sag from the side of the house, if you have cracks in the wall keep an eye on them and consult a structural engineer if you think they have gotten worse. Use our extra-long ladders or easy to use boom lifts to help reach the eaves of your roof.

A fresh coat of paint can really improve the look of your property.  If the bricks on your property are in good nick, try your hand at some re pointing, this can make a massive difference in the look and more importantly the value of your property.

Usually, your grubby brickwork  can come up looking like new ease if you use with a power washer . If you decide to have some bricks replaced, do not through them away in a skip. Architectural salvage yards will pay you to take them of your hands.


Whether you are making your property bright and welcoming for prospective buyers, or just freshening it up for the Summer follow these tips. Keep all the original/period style features, decorated doors and the wooden floors.  Stripping the walls back and plastering/repainting them can add value. A new coat of paint won’t cost that much either, but preparation is key. Clean the walls and mask up areas that you don’t want covered in paint…the carpet for one! You can buy paint prep equipment from any of our depot locations.


Unless you live in a castle, make sure the bedrooms show lots of potential storage space as this is attractive to any buyer. Make sure any young children’s ‘art works’ are removed from the walls, they may be the next Picasso in your eyes but a prospective buyer doesn’t like to see it .

7.Build out

Even if you don’t have the cash to build an extension, you will make money back by simply having the planning permission secured. An average survey and design can cost around £1,000 to £3,000 (depending on your space) But you will move your properties selling potential into the next league. It takes away an element of doubt from the buyers mind if they know that the planning authority has already given the go ahead. If you are confident enough to try the extension yourself (or with someone that knows what they are doing) Balloo Hire Centres have lots of equipment and expertise to help you with your build.

8.Front door

Make it stand out and look smart, after all it will be the first thing that a buyer will see, it will smarten up the house too. Use a brass letterbox, smart looking door knob/knocker and new house numbers. Be careful not to go over the top with these!

9.Make it better than your neighbours

You want all the time and effort to stand out, even if you aren’t moving house, show it off! Clean the windows, power-wash the driveway and unblock all the gutters. Make your home the best in the street .


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