Surveying & Measurement

From site levels to cable avoidance tools, and damp meters to measuring wheels, Balloo Hire can provide you with industry leading surveying and measurement equipment for hire to meet all your needs, whatever the project at hand.

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clamp and transmitter

CAT Scan Clamp and Transmitter

£38.00 / week Ex.VAT
d-tect wall scanner

Wall Scanner

£117.00 / week Ex.VAT
Cable Avoidance Tool Hire

Cable Avoidance Tool

£75.00 / week Ex.VAT
CAT Scan Signal Generator Hire

CAT Scan Signal Generator

£75.00 / week Ex.VAT
CAT Scan Sonde Hire

CAT Scan Sonde

£51.00 / week Ex.VAT
Site Level Hire

Site Level

£84.00 / week Ex.VAT
Indoor Laser Level Hire

Indoor Laser Level

£147.00 / week Ex.VAT
Outdoor Laser Level Hire

Outdoor Laser Level

£147.00 / week Ex.VAT
Pipe Laser Level Hire

Pipe Laser Level

£162.00 / week Ex.VAT
Distance Meter Hire

Distance Meter

£36.00 / week Ex.VAT
Measuring Wheel Hire

Measuring Wheel

£28.00 / week Ex.VAT
Damp Meter Hire

Damp Meter

£51.00 / week Ex.VAT
Gas Monitor Hire

Gas Monitor

£141.00 / week Ex.VAT
Metal Detector Hire

Metal Detector

£69.00 / week Ex.VAT

Tool Hire

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