Drilling & Breaking

Whether you are looking to remove plaster or demolish concrete walls and paths, Balloo Hire offers an extensive range of drilling and breaking equipment suitable for even the most difficult jobs. Whether it’s a domestic project or on site work, we have the right tools to get the job done.

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5kg Chipping Hammer Hire

5kg Chipping Hammer

£72.00 / week Ex.VAT
8kg Chipping Hammer with SDS Max Hire

8kg Chipping Hammer with SDS Max

£86.00 / week Ex.VAT
11kg Demolition Hammer Hire

11kg Demolition Hammer

£90.00 / week Ex.VAT
hilti TE100 chipping hammer

13kg Chipping Hammer

£105.00 / week Ex.VAT
30kg Demolition Hammer Hire

30kg Demolition Hammer

£147.00 / week Ex.VAT
SDS Max Drill Bits Hire

SDS Max Drill Bits

£24.00 / week Ex.VAT

1” - 4” TCT Core Bits

£30.00 / week Ex.VAT

5” - 6” TCT Core Bits

£33.00 / week Ex.VAT
Extension Bars Hire

Extension Bars

£6.00 / week Ex.VAT
Medium Duty Electric Breaker Hire

Medium Duty Electric Breaker

£105.00 / week Ex.VAT
2 Stroke Petrol Breaker Hire

2 Stroke Petrol Breaker

£114.00 / week Ex.VAT
Hydraulic Powerpack & Breaker Hire

Hydraulic Powerpack & Breaker

£153.00 / week Ex.VAT
Dry Core Drill Hire

Dry Core Drill

£63.00 / week Ex.VAT
Wet Core Drill Hire

Wet Core Drill

£174.00 / week Ex.VAT


Cordless Core Drill

36V Cordless Core Drill

£192.00 / week Ex.VAT
Core Drill Rig Hire

Core Drill Rig

£69.00 / week Ex.VAT
Core Drill and Pedestal Rig Hire

Core Drill and Pedestal Rig

£249.00 / week Ex.VAT
Core Drill Vacuum Pump Hire

Core Drill Vacuum Pump

£75.00 / week Ex.VAT
Pressurised Water Container Hire

Pressurised Water Container

£16.00 / week Ex.VAT
SK5 Air Chipping Hammer Hire

SK5 Air Chipping Hammer

£54.00 / week Ex.VAT
SK10 Air Chipping Hammer Hire

SK10 Air Chipping Hammer

£54.00 / week Ex.VAT
Air Road Breaker Hire

Air Road Breaker

£54.00 / week Ex.VAT
Rock Drill Hire

Rock Drill

£54.00 / week Ex.VAT
Medium Magnetic Drill Hire

Medium Magnetic Drill

£141.00 / week Ex.VAT
18v Cordless Drill Hire

18v Cordless Drill

£51.00 / week Ex.VAT
Percussion Drill Hire

Percussion Drill

£63.00 / week Ex.VAT
Right Angle Drill Hire

Right Angle Drill

£75.00 / week Ex.VAT
Hammer Drill SDS Plus Hire

Hammer Drill SDS Plus

£63.00 / week Ex.VAT
SDS Plus Drill Bits Hire

SDS Plus Drill Bits

£18.00 / week Ex.VAT

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