Floor sanders, belt sanders, mitre saws, circular saws... the list goes on. These are just a few of the wonderful wood working tools we have for hire. Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast or a large contractor, you can rest assured that we have the right equipment for you.

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Dewalt Alligator Saw

£70.00 / week Ex.VAT
Floor Sander Hire

Floor Sander

£114.00 / week Ex.VAT
Edging / Corner Sander Hire

Edging Sander

£75.00 / week Ex.VAT
Belt Sander Hire

Belt Sander

£51.00 / week Ex.VAT
Orbital Sander Hire

Orbital Sander

£54.00 / week Ex.VAT
Electric Planer Hire

Electric Planer

£57.00 / week Ex.VAT
Router Hire


£57.00 / week Ex.VAT
Worktop Jig Hire

Worktop Jig

£76.00 / week Ex.VAT
Radial Arm Saw Hire

Radial Arm Saw

£114.00 / week Ex.VAT
Flip Over Saw Hire

Flip Over Saw

£99.00 / week Ex.VAT

10” Mitre Saw

£54.00 / week Ex.VAT
7 Inch Circular Saw Hire

7” Circular Saw

£57.00 / week Ex.VAT
9 Inch Circular Saw

9” Circular Saw

£63.00 / week Ex.VAT
Door Boss Hire

Door Boss

£96.00 / week Ex.VAT
Jig Saw Hire


£39.00 / week Ex.VAT
Reciprocating Saw Hire

Reciprocating Saw

£57.00 / week Ex.VAT

Tool Hire

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