Future Building Materials and Machines

The typical bricks and mortar in the building world are quickly becoming obsolete. We take a look at the materials and companies that will be shaping the future of our construction industry.

Brick laying- An Australian robotic technology company with a machine that can lay bricks 24/7 is reducing build time and increasing the efficiency of a site. We need homes faster, and with an increasing population this machine can help. Fastbrick Robotics image shown.

Permeable tarmac- is fast draining concrete or tarmac that rapidly removes rain from a surface, like driveways and car parks. No more getting soaked in puddles!

Higher- Carbon fibre rope and Nano tube technology will allow building to become taller and taller! At present the tallest is the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, soon to be surpassed but the Jeddah tower to be competed in 2020 will stand at a mile high!

Self healing concrete- Heat, cold and dirt are all enemies of concrete, once it cracks, concrete can become brittle. Not good if it supports a road or tower block. Special bacteria that activate upon moisture and release limestone are being developed. These can be added to the mix upon pouring and will mean a building or structure could last much longer than usual.

3d printing house- Usually a house is built from the ground up and can take months, even years to compete. Now though, houses all be it small at the moment can be finished in 24hours





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