Garden Flood Prevention

Get the garden protected from floods and storms

To help prevent your garden from flooding, follow these tips.

Clear Drains and Guttering

Rain water needs somewhere to go.  Remove any leaves from guttering to ensure there are no blockages stopping water runoff. There are a few ways to clean gutters; using high reach ladders, scaffolding or small powered access machines.

Ensure soil is aerated and not compacted

Compacted soil will not allow much water through it. By loosening the soil, you will get better drainage and increase the amount of oxygen in the soil, helping roots to grow, essential for healthy grass. Using a lawn spiker or garden fork will do the job.

If the soil is very hard, you could use a rotavator to break up stubborn areas

Add Compost or Mulch

Increasing the absorbency of the garden, compost or mulch will act like a sponge and help to retain moisture for longer, this will stop water runoff. For areas that are prone to flooding, add sand mixed with some top soil to further increase the absorbency.

Level Off Uneven Areas

If your garden is un even water will collect in certain areas. This can lead to a higher risk of flooding. Level out the areas, with top soil and sand. You could use a micro digger or shovels for this.

Lay Drains

A big step and may require planning permission. Laying porous pipes in the ground can help with channelling water to a specific area such as drain or sewer.

Create Run Off Areas

Less harsh than laying drains, you can create small trenches, at the side of the garden and lay pipes or spare guttering to move water away.

Create run off areas

Hire a Pump

A water pump  can help clear water in low lying areas or those at a high risk of flooding.

Keep an Eye on the Weather

If you know it is going to rain, do not water the soil or grass. Water wont soak into soil that is already saturated. It will only run off and could be damaging.

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