How to use a Power-Washer

Don’t just start the machine and go.Some prep work is needed.

  1. Move breakable objects, plants and garden furniture out of the way.
  2. Wear appropriate clothing, our power washers start at 2000psi, wear shoes with a rubber sole – this should stop any slipping. Don’t wear shorts either, dirt and debris will be easily lifted by a power hose, and you don’t want your legs to get covered! Our depots can supply you with footwear. 
  3. Brush large areas clean of standing dirt, such as leaves or stones. 
  4. Smaller power washers connect to a hose, our power-washers use a submersible pump, this means they need a large bucket or even a (clean and empty) bin full of water to get going.
  5. Turn on the machine, we have handy “how to videos” for both petrol and diesel machines.
  6. Once machine is on, keep the nozzle around half a metre away from the surface, any closer and you could damage the surface. Keep the nozzle at around a 45-degree angle, if you point it straight down you won’t move the water flow, and the dirt away from you.
  7. If you want to use a detergent, its best to give the area a soak first, then apply your detergent. Follow the manufactures guidelines. Some are left for around 30-60minutes, then you can power hose it all away.
  8. Never point a power-washer at an animal or another person.


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