New Year Home/Garden Upkeep Ideas for 2018

Time to get back to work In 2018, and get stuck into those jobs that have been put on the back burner, during the busy Christmas period.

Take one task at a time and focus on one area, that way you’ll get all the jobs complete for the warmer weather arriving (don’t worry it will come eventually).

Start on the home.

  • Clean

If you had a Christmas party, have been out for dander and ended up with mucky boots, got pets or kids then your carpets, no doubt will have taken a battering over the festive season.

A carpet cleaner can refresh and revive a carpet making it look like new. 

Our carpet cleaners get deep into the dirt and with the special attachment can clean fabric on sofas too! Steam cleaners can be a great way to clean hard to reach areas, such as around taps and tile grout too.


  • Strip

Maybe it’s time to update the walls, and update them with a new wallpaper or decorative feature, some older houses may have a few layers of paper to strip back. Our powerful wallpaper strippers can make the job very easy and leave the surface ready to go.

  • Sand

Wooden floors look great in the home, and can add warmth. But, do your floors need a renovation of their own? A floor sander is the perfect option, they are easy to use and can tackle most floor types such as block wooden floors, parquet and solid wood floors.

But remember the number of times a wooden floor can be sanded back is determined by how deep the tongue is set from the top of the board. If unsure call us and our hire controllers can give you the advice you need.

Always hammer down loose nails as they can damges the sand paper or even worse the  machine.


  • Dry

With the wet weather in winter, your house can become damp, use a dehumidifier to dry out walls and floors by reducing the level of humidity in the air.


The Garden

Currently snow on the ground (Jan 2018) which will mean outside is getting neglected until it gets warmer .Balloo Hire can help get the long list of jobs sorted.

  • Wash

Start with the decking or patio, a layer of leaves or dirt will have accumulated up since the autumn.Our range of power hoses can easily clean flush away the dirt, they can be used on machinery and vehicles too!

  • Un Clog

Guttering will need checked too, leaves can build up and lead to a blockage, Balloo hire has a range of long reach ladders for this purpose! Simply roll up the roof and hoof on. We can advise you on how to safely do this.


  • Soften

Soil and flower beds or grass will have hard soil around this time of year, our rotavators can loosen up the ground making it easier to plant for the Spring. We also stock lawn spikers which can let your lawn breathe and be healthy.


If you need any advice or information just email, phone or pop into your local depot. 


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