What Is A Cherry Picker?

With a huge array of access machines (sometimes called cherry pickers) available,which is the right for you ?

Boom Lifts, Scissor lifts and Articulated lifts are sometimes called cherry pickers. The name comes from a problem that was solved with the invention of the lift. Trying to reach difficult areas on the cherry trees was an issue… you can work out the rest.

Lifts can be used for surveys, repairs, film work, tree surgery, fixing roofs or any hard to reach places.

With Spring now approaching, think about clearing the guttering, giving the house a paint or checking the roof for holes after all the storms we have had.  

Before you hire though, make sure you read the important tips below.

Height, Reach and Weight.

Height, simply how vertical you need to go to reach what you need to. Generally we measure from ground to the max vertical reach, including the added length of an average person’s reach. To keep things simple, don’t include your height on top of the reach from the machine, as everyone is different!

Reach is very important, it is the sideways reach in a fully extended boom ( the arm of the machine ) You must  think about weights here, the basket (where you stand) can only support a certain amount of weight and this is usually a max of 227 KG, it can go up on certain models but check with us.

Where do you need to go in or out?


Outside: What is the ground or terrain like? Does it have a slope or steep gradient? Is it smooth or bumpy? Boggy or dry? Talk to us about your ground conditions as they can stop you getting the job done, and you will still be charged for the hire.
Inside: The main issue working inside is ventilation. A bi-energy or all electric machine is best for the task as they give off no fumes, as opposed to diesel.Check that the door ways or openings are wide enough to allow the machine to get through safely, once the machine is in can you use it safely? Meaning, can it me moved up and down or turned around in the space. If unsure, just call us.

How do I use Access Equipment?

We highly recommend that you come on one of our IPAF training courses, that way you are fully trained in how to use one of our access machines. If you aren’t confident you can hire the machine with an operator in order to help complete your task.


How much?

Prices are based on what type of machine you hire, length of time daily or weekly, and delivery costs. Also, are you able to operate the machine yourself or require a trained operator with it.
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