Quick Spring Summer Gardening Guide

Quick Spring Summer Gardening Guide

With this sunshine, Summer is now definitely on its way! Here, we have a few tips which you can do to keep your garden and patio areas looking good throughout the sunny months ahead.

Good preparation is the key to your garden and patio areas upkeep, it is important to plan what you want to first, and not go in all guns blazing.

Start biggest first.

Start with the biggest jobs first,do you need to remove sections of tree or lawn to allow for more light in the evening times? We can supply you with the correct tools for the job, chainsaws, garden shredders and all the safety equipment you need for the job.  Have you a jungle growing in the garden that hasn’t been tackled since the last sunny day in 2016? Have a look at our hedge trimmers and strimmers which can tackle even the toughest shrubs and bushes and hard to reach places.

Mow the lawn and feed the soil.

When mowing your lawn, it is important to have the correct machine for the job. You don’t want to have to lug some old piece of equipment around or rely on having a plug around to get the job done. Petrol lawnmowers are a great tool to use, as it is now warmer its best to set the blade height to around 3cm (1.5inch) This will deter any nasty weeds from growing and allow for the grass to grow thick.

Don’t bin the cuttings! They are great to use as compost for other plants.

Remember to treat your lawn too, give it a good hose of clean water either in the morning before 10am or after 4pm when it is not as hot outside, you don’t want your grass to go brown! Feed your lawn with fertiliser at least every two weeks, it will make your grass lush and great to relax on.

A lawn scarifier will remove moss and debris including weeds and leaves from your lawn to prevent water logging and to discourage the spread of moss

Refresh the soil with a rotavator, it will allow for better water flow and help to loosen up the soil for plants to grow, it can also add nutrients to the soil. Remember the grass cuttings? Throw them on to the soil before you rotavate to mix extra nutrients in the soil.

Weed and clean the patio and paths

The next job is to weed and clean the paths before spraying them with a weed killer which will quickly eliminate a range of deep-rooted persistent garden weeds. It is best to do this when rain isn’t due otherwise it won’t be as effective. A patio washer is ideal for fast splash-free cleaning these are available to hire and if you do this now it will save you a big job further down the line.
Don’t worry if you haven’t any of the equipment or tools needed to complete the job as we have an extensive range of horticultural equipment available to hire including rough cut mowers, chainsaws and much more. View our full range at www.balloohire.com


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