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Starting a self-build project can be intimidating from the get go. Finding the perfect site, then along with design, planning permission set back, interiors, the landscaping and materials, it can be tough. But, finance - can you afford it? Is the top of nearly every self-builders list,

Whether you are thinking about a self-build project, about to break ground on site or have already started, we have 5 easy to read sections below, showing how our machines and tools can help at any stage of the build, making those daunting tasks less of a nightmare.


1.Siteworks.Clearing the site, power sources, secure storage and welfare facilities

You’ll first need to create an access point for your site and then clear it.

To help, we have a full range of diggers from 0.75ton right up to 20ton mighty machines and a dumper range that will move just about anything you put in them, some dumpers have cabs , which means you can stay warm and dry when the weather turns.

We have excellent range of toilets for hire, from the standard chemical toilets to anti- vandal units.Some can be connected directly into the sewer network, but that depends on where your site is.

Clean, dry and secure storage or accommodation is essential. Our units are made of steel and range from 7x5ft up to 40x8ft, they are lockable and very secure. If storing furniture or clothing, our storage units are water tight, keeping whatever is inside fresh and damp free.

We can also supply all the amenities too, from microwaves to kettles, furniture and tv’s.

Don’t forget about power, nothing will work without it! Unless you can connect to the mains supply, we can help generate electric with a silent generator, worth having just incase a of a power cut.

What you need: Digger, dumper, toilet, power generator and site storage/accommodation/welfare.


2.Siteworks (Part 2) Foundations.

Once the site is cleared,use our surveying equipment to make accurate measeurements before the trenches for foundations are dug, We have a large range of telehandlers to help move block work , the size of your new home will dictate what size of telehandler you need to hire. Our range goes from 4m right up to 20m, block grab attachments are a safe way of transporting pallets around your site.

What happens when you dig a hole, especially in a mild, wet climate? It begins to fill with water.Hire a pump to keep the area dry in preparation for the foundations and blocks to be laid.

What you need: Surveying equioment,digger, telehandler, block grab, water pump.


3.Constructing the superstructure.

Balloo Hire Centres stock an array of concrete tools, from mixers, concrete skips, bull and power floats to vibrating pokers. They can help in preparation for concrete slabs being laid, or beam and block works.  Once the ground is complete and the walls begin to rise, scaffolding, aluminium towers or powered access machines can help make this task easier and less laborious. 

Smaller portable generators will be needed for power tools, they all come with wheels and lifting points, so can go where the work needs them.

What you need: Concrete tools, scaffolding, aluminium towers or powered access and small portable generators.


4.Fit Out Stages

Now the walls are up, the roof is on, doors hung and windows are in, you’re water tight.  To help with the fit-out stage, we can supply dry wall sanders with built in vacuums, wall chasers, paddle drills, nail guns, concrete saws, dehumidifiers, heaters and efficient LED lights. For added safety, our range of dust extractors, air scrubbers, and fume removers can help make the air cleaner to breathe, building dust and fumes are very dangerous!

Our entire fit out range is just too big to show just in this list (it would take up the whole blog) Our full range of tools and equipment can be found here. Remember if you aren’t sure, give us a ring, email or pop in and visit, we can help get the correct tool to get the job done, offer free advice and experience too.

What you need- Concrete tools, wood working tools, site power, cleaning tools, dehumidifiers, lights, heaters, coolers, dust extraction and air scrubbers.



The landscaping around a new build can help to really show off your new home.  To clean up any mess left from construction, power hoses can make light work of any muck or debris. Some units come with built in water tankers, known as a bowser. Meaning, no matter where the mess is it can be cleaned up and washed away.

The soil is the last thing you’ve thought about, its hard, compacted and not easy to work with. A rotovator can make light work of it, allowing you to plant flowers, trees or lay new grass turf or create flower beds.  Woodchippers, log splitters and chain saws can help recycle any left-over wood or cut offs for the fire place.

What you need – Power washer, rotavator, lawn seeders, Fertiliser Spreaders, log splitters, chain saws and wood chippers.


With over 11,000 items across over 650 product lines its impossible to list them all here, just get in touch with us to discuss what your needs are and we can help to the self-build job done.

If your builder/contractor is quoting you for a job and needs to hire, send them to Balloo!


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