Selling Your Home ?

76% of people say that first impressions count when viewing a property. If you are planning on putting your home on the market, let us help make it stand out from the crowd.


Below are some top tips to get you sold.

1.Tidy Up The Garden Area

The front of your home is the first thing a prospective buyer will see when they come to view. If it is over grown and unkept, you are already at a loss. 
Get the grass cut with our petrol lawn mower, hedge or bushes trimmed with a long reach trimmer, clean up leaves using a leaf blower and clean the driveway or patio areas with a 3000psi power washer. After the long winter, dirt and grime will be built up in these areas, you won’t need to use any chemicals to clean, just the let the water pressure do the job for you.

2.Living Room

You might think the carpet, sofa or curtains are already looking fresh and spotless. Using one of our carpet and upholstery cleaners can get deep into the pile of a carpet and rejuvenate fabrics. The living room area is where people spend most of their time, make it look as clean and inviting as possible. 
If you have wooden floors, give them a once over with a floor sander. We have two types of floor sanders meaning you can get right up to the edges and cover the entire main floor with ease. Sanding a floor will brighten up a room, don’t forget to use an air scrubber too. They cleanse the air of harmful particles such as dust, you could also use a wall sander with build in vacuum, making your wall smooth and ready for a fresh lick of paint. With exceptional dust collection, stop sanding walls by hand.


Kitchen and bathroom tiles can be hard to clean, especially the grout. A simple steam clean can easily lift away stubborn  stains making your tiles look brand new. Don’t forget to clean around taps and your cooker/oven too, its surprising how much grime and dirt comes away after a good steam. Even better as its just hot water, your home wont smell of chemicals either!

4.The Bedroom.

Wallpaper can become out dated very quickly, its easy to put up, but can be time consuming to take off and replace. Using a wall paper stripper is a fast and highly effective way to remove all types of wall paper or residue left over from decorative fittings.

5.Reaching The Top.

Some jobs can require extra height to get it done, we have indoor scaffolding also called alloy towers, they are light weight and easy to put up. They can also be placed at uneven heights such as a staircase, giving a safe platform to work from.

6.Make a list.

Walk around your home and imagine its your first time seeing it. Make a list of what needs repaired, repainted or cleaned.

Give yourself time to complete the tasks, for more free advice just ask our hire desk experts, you can send us a message here.


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