Should you hire or buy?

If you are not sure to hire or buy a tool/machine. The answers are simple.. Take 3 minutes to read this and you'll see why !

Tool and Plant Hire- Should I buy or rent?

Whether your own a business or are a keen DIYer, you will always need power tools or some item of plant equipment to get the job done.  What factors should you consider?

Hire Cost

If it’s a cheaper product such as a screwdriver, chisel or hammer, which can be used all the time, thats fine as its not a large capital investment.(pick these items up at any Balloo Hire store)

However, larger specialist tools such as power sanders, generators and large plant can cost thousands of pounds to buy brand new. If the item is only needed for a few days or even hours… Can you afford to spend this kind of money?

Hiring equipment will ensure you have the latest technology and well maintained kit, a rental fee may look expensive at first thought, but remember the machine you require may not be in your price range, and a cheaper version might not be up to the job.

How Often will it get used?

If you are a tradesman it makes sense to buy outright, as you’ll be using the equipment day in day out. The best way to work out costs versus use is how often will it get used? Do you plan to keep the machine for years? Then yes buy outright or second hand. But be warned, where will it be stored, who will look after the maintenance and make sure it is suitably insured for use? What if its stolen?

Sounds scary, but that’s the cover you can get when using a hire centre.

Deals and Local Advice

Hiring rather than buying gets you more than the product itself, you get advice from the hire centre staff, many of which are experts and have worked in the trade for years. They won’t try and hire you the most expensive product, rather suggest which is best for the job. Every adult would love to hire a 13Ton digger for a job that requires a 1Ton. This kind of experience and know-how is something you won’t get, if you buy rather than hire.

How will you transport it

Hire centres offer delivery and collection services, so no need to worry about if it will fit in the car boot.

So hire or buy?

Our advice would be to work out how long you need it for, how specialised is the item and what is your budget and then give us a call, enquire on the website or pop in and see us.


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