5 Top Tips For Summer Lawn-care

This is the perfect time to get your garden area ready for the Summer. The main place to start work on is the lawn.The grass will need some TLC. Following our tips below will help your lawn get ready for you to relax on.


1.Cut the Grass.

Using an electric or petrol lawnmower, cut the grass. We recommend a higher setting, keeping the grass a bit longer will retain more moisture, helping the grass to grow and become thicker.

2.Strim and Trim

For more heavy-duty law care, use a strimmer. This will cut longer grass, and trim edges of the garden to give a slick finish. Using this tool will also allow the user to spot any rocks or material hidden in long grass which can damage a lawn mower.

3.Loose the Moss

Moss stops grass from getting a sufficient amount of moisture, nutrients and light. To get rid of moss from grass, you can use a hand-held rake. Or to make life easier and use a lawn scarifier. This machine is easy to use and removes moss from grass areas. It will leave the area a bit brown, but don’t worry after 3-4 days the grass will become lush and green again.

4.Let the ground breath

Most people forget about below the ground, it’s what feeds the grass. Aerating a lawn gets air down to the roots and helps with irrigation too. You could use a garden fork to do the job, but its time consuming and depending on the size of the garden, can be tiresome. Using a lawn spiker to do the job saves time, and allows for a consistent result.

5.Feeding the grass.

Use a high-quality fertiliser or lawn feed, be careful not to use on a windy day or before a heavy rain shower!


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