Stay Safe On The Road During Winter

Tips to stay safe on the road in the colder months ahead.


  • Test your front and rear lights. With the longer dark nights ahead, you will be using your lights more often.
  • When was the last time you checked?

Winter Sun.

  • Make sure your windscreen is completely clean, and the cleaning solution is topped up every week.

Flooded Roads

  • Do not cross flooded roads if you are unsure how deep it will go. Water can cause thousands of pounds worth of damage to an engine.  If you must drive through a flood go slow and in 1st gear with high revs.
  • Remember to check the brakes after you pass, do not drive at a normal speed until you know the brakes are fully functional.


  • Even if you have a 4x4, take your time when driving in snow.
  • With manual cars start your car in 2nd gear so you don’t spin the wheels, some cars have a Winter mode, make sure it is enabled.
  • Always clear snow from the roof of your vehicle, if you brake suddenly the snow on the roof will slide down the windscreen, blocking your vision.
  • Fit Winter tyres early, so from November to early March who knows what the weather will be like ) best to be prepared.


  • Use dipped headlights so other cars car see you.
  • Only use fog lights if visibility is greatly reduced, switch them off when it is no longer foggy.


  • Don’t use your phone, unless you have hands free or have pulled over to a safe place.
  • Keep an extra jumper or overall in the car, so you can stay warm , and extra batteries for phone chargers or torches,should you have a break down.
  • Don’t drink alcohol – it will make you colder not warmer.
  • If you really need to leave your vehicle, make sure other drivers are well aware and can see your vehicle. Place cones or florescent triangles away from your vehicle to warn other drivers.

Cyclists or working near a road?

  • Wear hi vis, bright clothing – We have a large array in all our depots.
  • Think about what you are doing, can you be seen from a safe distance away?



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