Storm-Proof your Home and Garden

When you know a bad storm is forecast its best to check around your property and the garden. If you have any jobs or improvements that need sorted, now is the time to do them.

Make a check list.

Small jobs can be forgotten about, but they can become a serious issue after a storm. Overgrown bushes or trees, loose roof tiles, and broken fencing, all small tasks but can become a danger when the wind hits 90mph!

Make a checklist of all the jobs that need done, that way you won’t forget.

Check the roof and guttering.

The roof of any building is its most exposed part. Don’t climb up your roof (unless a qualified professional) Inspect from the ground, or inside the attic/loft. If you spot any light coming through, mould or sagging material, get it fixed. 

Guttering should be clear of leaves and any debris. Storms bring rain, and it needs somewhere to go..


If you have an old tree on the property, get a professional to inspect it, will it survive high winds? Or just need cut back? A fallen tree can cause a huge amount of damage, if it falls on to a neighbouring property, on a road or railway, from your property. You can still be liable for costs. Not nice eh!

Garden Toys

Store any light or easy to move items in the garage or secure them down.  Trampolines, slides, BBQs, patio lights, garden furniture and empty bins, could be launched into the air if not properly secured.

Park vehicles in the garage, and never under trees.


Check what your insurance states about storm or weather damage, it should be covered under building/contents insurance.  Should the worse happen, take photos of damage (when storm is over) this can help your insurance settle any claims later.

We have the tools and machines to help you prepare or deal withteh after-math of a storm. Call us 08001970970 , Email or visit your local depot now. 


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