Stump Grinders | Make More Room In Your Garden

Make more room in your garden. Hire a stump grinder to help you make space putting a patio down, decking or just enjoying your garden.

A portable stump grinder can smooth down and remove a tree stump, leaving you with a more aesthetically pleasing garden and more space! 

Old tree stumps can also damage other areas of your garden as they can start to rot and attract fungi , which could kill other plant life.

How does Stump Grinder Work?

Portable stump grinders use rotating discs with tungsten carbide cutting teeth that slowly chip away at parts of a tree stump. The discs can spin at very high speeds, they gradually chip and grind away at a tree stump until your are left with just sawdust and some mulch.

Stump grinders can be hired for the 1 or 2 days, a week or just the weekends. They are very mobile and easy to move.

Our large stump grinder is designed to safely remove tree stumps quickly and effectively, the tungsten tipped blades grind away the stumps. It eliminates the need for chemicals and burning and take away the need to dig, with this heavy duty tough petrol engine grinder. The tough blades will remove tree stumps safely and easily to 1 inch below ground surface, fitted with chip deflectors and safety handle.


  • Stump grinders can be dangerous, you must always wear suitable PPE, such as work boots, never wear shorts so always keep legs covered when using, gloves and eye protection. 
  • Use a saw or chainsaw to get the stump as near to the ground as possible. 
  • Never touch the front blades when machine is on.
  • Remove any loose debris such as rocks , these could be flung at high speed into a fence or neighbouring property.

Our handy video here will help to guide you, or talk to one of our expert team 

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