We Are Paperless. What does this mean for the customer?

As part of our commitment to become a more environmentally friendly and sustainable company, we have gone paperless.

Whenever you hire from Balloo, you will be sent a digital copy of your invoice or receipt direct to your email.

This not only saves paper but saves time when looking for invoices at month end, or the financial year and keeps all documents safe and in the same place.

Our paperless software can show proof of delivery and collection, letting the customer know exactly when we arrived and at what time on site.

Account customers can access the Balloo online portal.

This shows what tool or machine they have on hire in real time, by site, purchase order number, time and date. This reduces costs, stops any unexpected bills and helps them to utilise our machines to their full potential.

The portal can be accessed anytime, anywhere and from a mobile, tablet or desktop device. If its outside office opening hours, the information can still be accessed by the customer, as we know not everyone works 8-5.

It is also disaster proof, how many times have you misplaced placed a document, or spilt tea/coffee over them? No need to worry as they are all stored in one place, your email or portal.

Going paperless has allowed us to save trees, save fuel by cutting the amount of journeys delivery lorries take to our depots, completely reduce the amount of land fill waste we generate and save energy by reducing the amount of recycling we need to do, less paper means less recycling.

Throughout 2019 we plan to implement even more sustainable and environmentally friendly initiatives


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