Welfare & Accommodation- Why do you need it?

Why do you need Welfare & Accommodation at construction sites,festivals and events.


Welfare & Accomodation needs



It’s the law! The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2016 states you must have welfare and accomodation depending on the project and its time length.

Construction workers, event teams and the public at events or festivals need adequate welfare facilities. This can include toilet and washing facilities, a place to eat food and have access to clean drinking water, warmth and a place to get changed.  Good welfare can keep moral high on a building site, and with events it is needed for the public that are attending it.

What you will need

We can supply all your welfare needs, from portable toilets, shower units, canteens, offices and mixed use facilities.  You should make sure that no work takes place until you have welfare facilities in place. Planning is key, keep in mind the length of a build/event. If you have more than 500 people on site per day or the project is to take more than 30 working days, then you will need some sort of welfare facilities and accommodation.

Also, consider the cleaning and service of the units and if they will need to be moved during the projects lifetime. This is somethin we can offer.

Toilet Talk

You should supply running water and flushable toilets direct into the nearest drainage system. Portable toilets are fine if the running water is not an available option.

Remember to think about who will service the toilet facilities, they must be kept in a clean, well-lit and always well ventilated.

You must provide an adequate number of toilets, the rule is 1 toilet to every 7 people, if ladies and gents can use the same toilet it has a lock and is partitioned away from urinals. If you can’t do this then we can provide one of our mixed toilet blocks, they have male and female toilets but partitioned and with separate entrances.  Sanitary bins must be provided in female toilets, and these will also have to be serviced and cleaned.

Disabled facilities should be provided too; they must always be on a flat surface and have easy access.

Each toilet must have:

  • Soap or another form of hand wash
  • Sinks large enough to wash your hands, face and forearms.
  • Disposable towels or a heat blower to dry hands.


Shower facilities

These requirements are especially important if the site is working with contaminated land such as asbestos, dusty areas and toxic substances. Workers will need somewhere to get changed into clean dry clothing. Unisex showers are fine, if the cubicles are lockable and with separate changing areas are in place.

The above also applies to festivals, such as those that last over a period of 2-4 days. The public will need adequate changing and cleaning facilities, somewhere to freshen up after partying the night away.


Food and rest areas

These areas should be warm and have an adequate number of tables/chairs for the size of site/event that it is for. We can provide units that have built in fridges, tables and chairs. Also, build in water heaters for instant warm water. If the water supply is not from the mains, the water tank must be replenished with fresh water daily, this is so it does not become stagnant and worse so contaminated with chemicals.

Site offices

These are important to keep work away from rest time and somewhere to safely store plans/ machinery keys. They also provide space for meetings and office work of course. We can provide ready to go office space; all you need to do is plug them in and away you go!









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