What is an Air Compressor ?

Not sure what a compressor is? Our easy to read guide can help.

What is an Air Compressor?

They are a simple machine with a huge variety of  uses, big and small!

How do they work?

Air compressors use an engine to pump air at high-pressure to fill a gas cylinder which supplies drivers to power a pneumatic tool.  Most will use reciprocating pistons with crankshafts, air is driven from the cylinder to the tool.  The machine will automatically cycle on and off in order to keep the  pressure maintained.

What does CFM mean?

CFM is short for cubic feet per minute (cu ft/min). When you use a compressor the CFM is important. Some uses need a continuous air supply, things like a power hose or sand blaster, they will  need a high CFM, as a lower pressure would not work correctly on the job. Farmers also use a high cfm when cleaning umbilical pipes full of slurry. Large factories use a high CFM in manufacturing such as those making plastic bottles.

Other tools such as a nail gun or air tire filler in a garage for cars, only need short sharp bursts of air, and only when its needed. They will use a low CFM.

If you aren’t sure about what compressor to use, you can ask us.

Uses for a compressor

You can use a compressor domestically  for inflating tires, or using an air blower to clean dirt off machines, a floor or for painting. Most domestic compressors can also be used to power nail guns, saws and small hammers.

In industrial applications, the bigger machines come out. As mentioned above, farmers use them to clean out umbilical cords after slurry spreading, road builders will use them when attached to a heavy duty hammer, some builders use them to pump insulation into cavities.

For more specialised work, air purifiers can connect to compressors, especially for medical use in hospitals.

The main things to remember are:

  • Where are you using the compressor.
  • Do you have a power source  nearby.
  • And how much CFM do you need.

Remember if you aren’t sure we can help. Call Click or Visit

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