What is PPE

What is PPE? And why should you use it?

Personal Protective Equipment or PPE protects the user against health or safety risks. Any item such as gloves, eye wear, high vis clothing, harness, ear muffs and safety boots all fall under PPE.

PPE is the last line of defence. But, some hazards can’t be stopped in the work place, this is where PPE can help protect:

The head- Falling debris or material – Wear a hard hat
The eyes- Sparks, dust, or chemical/corrosive liquids – Wear eye goggles
The lungs – Dusty or areas with chemicals, which can give off odour less fumes – Wear a mask or respiratory mask.
The hands – Hot or cold, corrosive materials – Wear gloves ( suitable for your task)
The Feet – Hard wearing steel toe boots are common place on building sites, astray nail or sharp object will pierce a normal shoe. – Wear boots.

If you aren’t sure what you will need to buy or use for a job, ask yourself this. What are you going to be exposed to, how long for and how much of it. 

Make sure to choose reputable brands when buying your PPE. Products must be marked with a CE, this meets the Personal Protective Equipment Regulations 2002.

When wearing more than one piece of PPE make sure they don’t cancel each other out. Example, eye protection might disturb the seal on a respirator mask. 
When using machines such as drills or belt sanders, make sure your gloves don’t get caught, also make sure if using chemicals that the liquid or powder wont penetrate the material

If you need further information you should contact your workplace health and safety rep or the HSE website.

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