Which Heater Is Best? 5 Easy to follow sections

With the colder weather and dark nights all but here, what kind of heater do you need? With such a huge choice out there, we have broken it down into 5 sections.

1.Oil Filled Heater

This heater will provide quiet heating that will warm up any room quickly. It also has wheels for easy movement from room to room.



These heaters are a great quick fix should you run out of gas or oil. They are light weight and portable. Perfect for small offices or rooms, also great for heating site accommodation.



Our direct fired heaters have 100% thermal efficiency and do not require any installation. Ideal for, thawing and heating, and are widely used in the building sector, craft industry, agriculture, livestock rearing and all premises where there is sufficient ventilation. Our oil and gas fired direct heaters are easy to use and safe thanks to the safety devices that shut down the machine in the case of malfunctioning.



Indirect fired heaters are perfect for heating temporary structures and marquees indirect fired heaters are available using both diesel and gas. Due to the enclosed chamber of indirect heaters they produce large amounts of heated air that does not affect the humidity.

This also means that there is no flame, so the heated air can be ducted, enabling units to be placed away from the area to be heated.




These superser heaters are Ideal for spot heating, power cuts or any emergency where you need a reliable heat source. Due to its small compact style, it is a handy heater for most rooms around your home/office and with a maximum heat of 4.2kW it will soon bring you a cosy warmth to even the largest of rooms in your house.



If you are still unsure give us a call on 0800 1 970 970 or order online, we will be happy to give you free advice.


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