Working at Height-  Do’s and Don’ts

Working at height is one of the biggest causes of deaths and injuries, both at home and in the work place.Top tips below to keep you safe.

Work at Height’ means any type of work where there are no precautions in place, and a person could fall a distance liable to cause serious injury.

How to stop injury

Take steps to plan a job, that is supervised and carried out by experienced people. Make sure you have the correct machine or tools for the job at hand.

There are 3 steps to follow before working at height.

  1. Avoid working at height if you don’t need to
  2. Prevent falls using safety equipment if you must work at height
  3. Minimise the risk and consequences of falling by using the right equipment

Use a appropriate PPE such as a harness or energy absorbing lanyard. Make sure the connections are in good working order, if in doubt, get it checked by a professional.

Top Dos and Don’t when working at height:


  • As much work from the ground
  • Ensure you or workers are regularly trained, such as IPAF
  • Make sure the equipment is suitable for the job, is it tall, strong or stable enough?
  • Be careful with fragile surfaces
  • Make sure you have PPE


  • Use ladders or step ladders for long or heavy tasks
  • Overreach – if you need to over reach you haven’t got the correct equipment
  • Let someone that isn’t trained do the job!


For further info you can check out the HSE 


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