Stairwell Access Tower
from £150.00 / week Ex.VAT
Non-Mechanical Access Equipment

Stairwell Access Tower

£150.00 / week Ex.VAT

Use for safe access on both industrial and domestic stairwells. Easy access from both sides of the stairwell unit to the platform is provided by a walk through ladder frame. Simply walk through the frame and climb the ladder. This frame design solves the access problems experienced on narrow and domestic staircases. Integrated access frame so access on the staircase can still be obtained. Perfect for wallpapering or painting the walls of a staircase or uneven ground. Please read points in further information. This item requires a van to transport.

1.Do not use any Stairwell tower which is damaged, which has not been properly assembled, which is not firm and stable, and which has any missing or damaged parts. 2. Do not erect a Stairwell tower on unstable ground or objects such as loose bricks, boxes or blocks. Only a sound rigid footing must be used. 3. Ensure that the Stairwell tower is always level and the adjustable legs nuts are engaged. Position base plates as close to the stair risers as possible. 4. Ensure that all frames, braces and platforms are firmly in place and that all locking hooks are functioning correctly. Ensure that all frame locking clips are engaged. 5. Ensure that the Stairwell tower is within the maximum platform height is stated, and that the appropriate Side Props are fitted. 6. Stairwell towers should, wherever possible be secured to the building or other solid structure. It is good practice to tie in all Stairwell towers of any height, especially when they are left unattended. 7. Do not lean ladders against the Stairwell tower. 8. Never climb the outside of the Stairwell tower or climb on Horizontal or Diagonal braces. Do not gain access or descend from the platforms other than by the trapdoor platform and built in ladder. 9. Guardrails must be fitted to ALL Platforms. Toe Boards must befitted to any Working Platform or platform where Materials are Stored. 10. Never jump on to or off platforms. 11. DO not exceed the safe working load of the platform or structure by accumulating debris, material or tools on platforms as these can be a significant additional load. 12. NEVER extend your adjustable legs to achieve extra height,these are for leveling only. 13. NEVER use a ladder or other objects on the platform to achieve additional height. 14. It is not permissible to attach and use hoisting facilities on Stairwell towers, unless specifically provided for by the manufacturer. 15. It is not permissible to attach bridging sections between a Stairwell tower and a building.

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Basic Platform Height 2.7m
Width 0.7m
Safe Working Load 150Kg
Dimensions 0.7m Width x 1.5m Length
Platform Extension Kit Raise from 2.7m to 4.20m

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