Getting The Home and Garden Ready for Autumn

Our top tips can help you avoid any scary and costly surprises that may appear over the months ahead.

As Autumn begins to creep up on us, its time to start preparing your home and garden for the cooler and wetter season. Our top tips can help you avoid any scary and costly surprises that may appear over the months ahead.

Start at the top.

1.Gutters & Roof

Check your roof for loose or even missing slates or tiles. Its better to find them while its still bright, while checking the roof look at your gutters. Clear any leaves, debris or blockages that can stop water from getting to the drain. We have a range of small lifts,roof ladders, alloy towers and drain jetters that can help you get the job done.

2.Deep Cleaning

Patio or decking may look clean, but could be covered in dirt and grime, when this gets wet it can become very slippery. A good power wash can easily make an area look like new. With 3000 psi washers, hot washers and patio attachments we can help make the task of cleaning out side easy!

3.Spike the lawn

A lawn spiker can help keep a lawn healthy with aeration, reducing soil compaction and increasing its water absorption. With the heavy rain in autumn, you dont want your garden flooding. We have another blog on flooding in the garden here.

4.Strim and Trim

With the recent hot and humid weather, your plants and shrubs have probably doubled in size, its good to keep them trimmed back with a strimmer,mow the lawn with our mowers and cut the hedge with our clippers. With a garden shredder you can recycle the branches and leaves into compost. This can be used as insulation in the winter months to help stop the ground from freezing. Check out our range of garden and landscaping equipment here


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